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Wing Mirrors that Face Forwards

Not as stupid as it sounds.
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As well as the usual rear facing wing mirrors mount forward facing mirrors. If your wing mirrors are quite far back in the car they can be mounted on the front of these only at a sharper angle.

Why, you ask?

»To judge narrow gaps more easily.
»To get a wider field of view when preparing to overtake.
»To see those pesky traffic lights that are so tall and close to the stop line that they are obscured by the roof of the car.

Idea formulated while trying to overtake large trucks using Italian imported car on British roads. (steering wheel on near-side of car).

st3f, Dec 13 2001

Fiat Barchetta http://www.fiatbarchetta.com/
not made in right hand drive. [st3f, Dec 14 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       The title had me somewhat baffled but now I've read it this is actually pretty good. Would make the car look even sillier than it already does, bonus!
sven3012, Dec 13 2001

       Nowhere near as silly as it first appears (I thought [benfrost] was at it again). Minor disadvantage is that the headlamps of oncoming traffic will be directed straight into your eyes, but this could be overcome by dipping the mirrors in the same way as the interior mirror (only remotely).
angel, Dec 13 2001

       For the sake of aerodynamics and aesthetics, they could face rearwards by default, but could rotate forwards when needed.
beauxeault, Dec 13 2001

       Why not just replace all exterior mirrors with cameras and have them rotate.
CasaLoco, Dec 14 2001

       Alternatively st3f, buy a British car
sven3012, Dec 14 2001

       This would still help even if you were driving on the correct side of the road in the correct car, to let you see past lorries you're planning to overtake without zigzagging into the middle of the road and back again or craning you head out the window. That said, I don't think the advantage gained is sufficient to make it worthwhile.
pottedstu, Dec 14 2001

       It would also take the fun out of overtaking...
sven3012, Dec 14 2001

       I myself had this idea and i made one. i made it for my AS level project at school i am still in that year but have finished it but it is only a prototype but it does work. SO it isnt so silly after all is it and i am only 17.
snupnut_1, Apr 08 2002

       Hey if this is still relevant...why not have those forward mounted mirrors pivot so as to redirect the light coming from the headlights of the cars that a coming towards you,.........back into their own eyes?!!
Cosmo, Aug 23 2003

       [Cosmo]: seconded.
Eugene, Aug 23 2003

       Add a prism to the extreme ends of the existing mirrors.
Ling, Dec 01 2004

       Or a corner-cube retroreflector.
csea, Dec 01 2004

       A camera on a long stick mounted to the rear bumper for an arcade-style birds-eye view? Now that I'd love! (watch out for overpasses and low wires...)
Freefall, Dec 01 2004

       [sven3012] What British car? A Caterham 7?
hippo, Dec 02 2004


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