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Traffic Pirates

Double yellow lines? Arrrrrr.
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A more honest breed of eye-patch wearing, crutch-using traffic warden. Not intent on keeping the roads clear. Not providing an essential public service. Just plundering.

They arrive on scull and crossbones scooters, with swords in hand, parrots on shoulder.

Ignore their scrolled ticket at your peril - if you haven't coughed up your loot in an hour, they'll wheel out the big guns...

Fishrat, Aug 31 2006

The pirates song https://www.youtube...watch?v=389Rk1jzPMk
lincoln park pirates [popbottle, Apr 16 2014]

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       Why should I cough up a musical instrument? I don't understand. By the way, have you just received a parking ticket, Fishrat?
Fishrat, Aug 31 2006

       No I haven't. And I think you're deliberately misunderstanding me. Let someone else annotate now.
Fishrat, Aug 31 2006

       Have a crap.
skinflaps, Aug 31 2006


       However, would the traffic wardens not be the Coastguard, navy or Customs?   

       I imagine a traffic pirate ship being a car full of traffic pirates pillaging and plundering other cars.
webfishrune, Aug 31 2006

       NYC sherriffs are actually unpaid bounty hunters, who make their money towing the cars or traffic violations scofflaws. Kinda what you had in mind, I'm thinking.
DrCurry, Aug 31 2006

       //I've just swallowed a mandolin - what should I do?//   

       What were you doing with a mandoll in your mouth?
pertinax, Aug 31 2006

       //towing the cars or traffic violations scofflaws.//   

       How true.   

       a)We stoles yer car whiles ye weren't looking, Arrrh!
b)Find ye the sign with the right phone number on it with haste, ya landlubber, the clock is tickin'.
c)Listens to me closely, landlubber, go 40 blocks towards the rising sun, 20 blocks towards the ocean, and 4 blocks back towards the tall buildin's ta find me stockade. And no cryin' about how far it is. A bit o' walkin' 'll do's ya good.
d)Now pays me my ransom before sundown or the ransom doubles. Arrrh!
Zimmy, Aug 31 2006


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