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For hire: A lurching drunkard to set your party off with a bang
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Like a stripogram, the trampogram can be hired for private parties, stag/hen nights etc . Instead of having a traffic warden, policeman or other more conventional party entertainer knock on your door, this stripper will be dressed as a tramp, with a half drunk bottle of white lightning, attempting to ask to use the toilet but slurring their speech to the point of being almost incomprehensible. This would be much more alarming to the unsuspecting victim than the standard policeman or traffic warden and also much funnier for the rest of the guests
tomarse, Jul 14 2004


       By the way, I'm not suggesting that all tramps are lurching drunkards but for this idea to work, I think tramp dress would be most effective
tomarse, Jul 14 2004

       Why would anybody want to set off a party? (if the guests are not drunken tramps already, that is)
Pericles, Jul 14 2004

       I concur that the arrival of drunken tramps might well change the tone of a party.
half, Jul 14 2004

       I read this as "tampogram"   

       Um. no comment
schematics, Jul 15 2004

       Would he strip?
robinv, Jul 15 2004

       Hm, nasty image
scubadooper, Jul 15 2004

       I thought it was going to be some kind of giant contraption involving a trampoline.   

       "Whadya say Stan, that about a 350kg piano?"
"I dunno Paddy, let's use this trampogram and find out"
*boing* *crash*
"Whoa, 500kg! That's a heavy piano. or was."
benjamin, Jul 15 2004

       tocarse a si mismo.
yabba do yabba dabba, Jul 15 2004

       I agree with [Ben], and thought this would attatch to a trampoline, and printout a graph of your bouncing (much like them earthquake detectors).
As such, I came here Bun in hand, but as is often sadly the case, I'm taking it with me.
MikeOliver, Jul 15 2004


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