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because you need help when a job interview gets tough
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Suppose you have been invited to a job interview, and halfway through, you come face to face with an awkward question and an awkward silence. You need some distraction to buy you time to think. Perhaps you need some on-the-spot advice.

The basic website would be a service where you can enter details such as the name and telephone/fax/pages number of you interviewer. A small panic button hidden in your shoetip would send a signal to the website to start distracting your interviewer with strange phone calls, pager messages, etc.

The Premium service would give you a human operator - Matrix style - in your interview. The operator would listen in on the interview via a modified cellphone you carry on you, and give you advice on how to answer difficult questions through a wireless earpiece.


neonardo, Sep 15 2003

My Personal CapCom http://www.halfbake...20Personal_20CapCom
Just the last paragraph is similar to this idea [krelnik, Oct 04 2004]


"I need a program for a 'where do you see yourself in 5 years?'"
RayfordSteele, Sep 15 2003

       You could have answered "I sometimes freeze when an interviewer asks me really clicheed questions".
neonardo, Sep 15 2003

       Well said [Rods Tiger]. And as a happy by product of this strategy, all Evil HR Directors would be out of a job.
custardlove, Sep 16 2003

       As an interviewer, I find [neonardo]'s response most illuminating - and would probably elict further interest.   

       BTW, I don't mind people thinking in interviews. Unfortunately, it's all too rare.
PeterSilly, Sep 16 2003

       I've been told by many* people that they would rather have a potential employer who asks for a minute to consider, pauses to think about an answer, and replies with a bit of thought; instead of someone who just rattles off an answer that they think sounds good. Unfortunately, these sort of interviewers may be a minority.   


       *Okay, a few.
Detly, Sep 18 2003


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