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Transparent Shirt Pocket

Identity badge display window for your shirt
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You take the time to dress nicely for work every morning, but then you add the finishing touch: an ugly, plastic ID badge dangling inelegantly from your shirt. Since when has a piece of plastic hanging from your thorax been congruous with formal attire?

Instead, why not equip your shirt with a transparent pocket? Made from fabric mesh the same color as your shirt, and sewn on over the regular pocket, the transparent pocket is nearly invisible. When you put your ID in it, the badge shows through, identifying you in professional non-dangly manner.

AO, Mar 29 2004

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       (or embroidered ID badges)
po, Mar 29 2004

       (or crocheted badge cozies)
AO, Mar 29 2004

       My shirt pockets have been embroidered with my identity (well, my initials) since I was so high.
DrCurry, Mar 29 2004

       Can be used as a map or snack pocket in a pinch.
Letsbuildafort, Mar 29 2004

       How high were you, DrCurry?
Mr Burns, Mar 29 2004

       That's a great product; easy to do, is positive, and no one can complain! :)
zephalim, Mar 29 2004

       Love the look (+), but most identity cards I've seen are also access cards to buildings.
Would there be a lot of people rubbing their chests against an access reader?
reap, Mar 29 2004

       'Cause that'd be super.   

       Because identity theft would then become much too difficult.   

       But, business cards would be a [+]   


       How high are you? (a new greeting, say it with me)
K-trein, Mar 30 2004

       As regards crotcheted badge cozies, I have tried this when my shirt presented no easy place to clip the badge. It was fairly cozy, but people were uncomfortable looking down there to see my badge.
bungston, Aug 25 2004

       [Curry] - How high?
Oops - just saw [Burns's anno].

       Good idea though
energy guy, Aug 26 2004


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