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Waterproof Pockets

The pockets of slacks could be made waterproof to protect contents
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Why can't somebody make the pocket material in slacks out of Gore-tex or some other water proof material and also provide a water resistant enclosure. Benefits of this would be: Wallet, ID papers, electronic key fob for car, etc, would be protected from sudden rain squalls, wet amusment park rides, being thrown entirely into a lake. Also, a convenient, safe way to store food snitched from the buffet. While waterproof pants/pockets are available for sports / swimming / workout gear, the plain old denim jeans could use water proof pockets.
phazed, Mar 24 2002

Baked. http://www.acerbis....32_street/6871.html
[mrthingy, Mar 24 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       if you are taking a dive into the lake, the pockets would need to be air tight. You haven't upset UnaBubba by any chance have you?
po, Mar 24 2002

       Yes, airtight would be better. Stearns uses an ingenious airtight zipper in it's dry suits.. Such a zipper + a neoprene pocket liner would do the trick. As for UnaBubba... I've never met him.
phazed, Mar 24 2002

       Well, po, who would be swimming with jeans anyway? The whole idea is so that you can ride the local Logride at an amusement park and not get your wallet soaked - or if you fall into the water. I think this is great. I personally hate parting with my wallet at public areas, such as amusement parks, and I don't trust renting a locker. This way you could still have it on you, and it would be safe in all respects.   

       And if it was airtight, how would you pump the air out without going through an irritating process? Most pockets do not consist of very much volume, so just having a seal would do nicely I think. Even if it was just for a front pocket, you could put your wallet into the front for the day if you had to. Either that or have a cushioned toosh...except lopsided.
zephalim, Mar 29 2004


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