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Wedding dress with cell phone pocket

- where the requested interuption may appear
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As far as I know -- wedding dresses are not fitted with cell phone (or "mobile phone", as it's called here in Europe)pockets yet. But where the priest/vicar/whatever says "speak now or forever...", incoming calls and text messages should be easily received through a cell phone. So -- why not fit pockets for cell phones in wedding dresses? (And of course in the groom's suits as well.)
jstf, May 28 2005


       Shirley any objections would be made to the minister, not the bride or groom.
angel, May 29 2005

       in a burberry pattern, no doubt
po, May 29 2005

       Adding a pocket to a wedding dress doesn't strike me as an invention, really.
bristolz, May 29 2005

       This has to be Chaveeee..whoops - slip Burb...!! "No don'<a>t You throw that F!'cin Mc.."Mc dooohanolds!" me mobeel in Me pockets" a "bling ala bling bling" Pfzzzz Craz...Fackin Toaf....yeah! Pockets." This one time" (pfzzz) txt...txt.."Shit me dress is sounding Orff!!"[orf]
skinflaps, May 29 2005


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