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Mag stripe drivers license will alert Police of suspended/warrant...
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Car ignition set up using a magnetic stripe (credit card).The drivers info could be interrogated by Police and compareded to DMV records, If insurance/registration expired, suspended liscence, bad driving record Police could sit on the side of the road and watch a monitor, when flagged they know they have a legitamate ticket.
skidd, Nov 29 2001

Anonymous, Schwanonymous. http://www.csmonito...22/p01s01-usju.html
"US citizens do not enjoy a constitutional right to refuse to reveal their identity when requested by police." [jutta, Oct 04 2004]

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       and this is financed by...
lewisgirl, Nov 29 2001

       ...drivers, of course.   

       Making it legally compulsory and hack-proof (could you use someone else's liscence?) and installing it in all cars is far more of a problem, compareded to cost.
pottedstu, Nov 29 2001

       All technical problems aside (and pottedstu mentioned some really tough ones), this would be in violation of US supreme court rulings that establish a citizen's right to be anonymous to their government, even the police, when there is no "reasonable suspicion" of illegal activity.
quarterbaker, Nov 29 2001

       . . . at least for the present. Ashcroft is working on it, though.
bristolz, Nov 29 2001

       too true, bristolz
quarterbaker, Nov 29 2001

       What happens if two people, one of whom has a suspended license, regularly drive the same car?
angel, Nov 30 2001

       Thank you Big Brother.........hope you never office.
tito, Apr 28 2004

       I try to never office, too.
bristolz, Jul 11 2004

       Just wait until the Real ID Act takes effect in 2008. Using RFID technology the cop will already know that you are in violation of anything as you pass him by.
Willie333, Sep 29 2005


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