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Vacuum trash can

Ceiling mounted vacuum powered trash can
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A vent in the ceiling with an electronic eye attached to a high output vacuum. Simply throw your trash at the hole in the ceiling and whoosh your trash is gone!
gootyam, Mar 05 2002


       And if you miss? Or don't throw high enough? Ewwwwwwww....... so much for the vaulted ceiling I was putting in the house.   

       And further, where does it go once it is sucked through the ceiling? Into the bedroom? The front yard?
rbl, Mar 05 2002

       I prefer the sink-mounted variety:b anything that I put into the kitchen disposal (except the occasional 18-kg sledgehammer) usually washes down just fine.
blainez, Mar 05 2002

       Somehow, flinging trash at the ceiling seems the past-time of frat boys and not homeowners.
bristolz, Mar 05 2002

       Your on the right track, but the tube belongs in the ground. Think about a trash can in the ground with two control doors, one door (lid) on the top of the trash can and the other door under the trash can. Open the top lid, place your trash in the trash can, close the air sealed top lid, push a button. The lower door opens and the vacuum system pulls the trash to a central collection facility somewhere in the neighborhood to be collected by a large trash collection vehicle.
lgvinci, Apr 17 2003

       What if you were being fatherly and tossing your baby daughter in the air and catching her (in a non-cruel way)?
Parvenu, Apr 18 2003


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