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Wall Wand

Solution for the both of us who don't like lifting six feet of power cord every time we plug something.
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A simple strip that plugs into a standard home wall recepticle's two jacks, and puts the two jacks about three feet off of the floor.

1. Shorter cords for tablelamps, etc.
2. Reduce bending and crawling behind furniture, waterbeds, etc.
3. Know if something is unplugged without finding a flashlight.
reensure, Oct 27 2000


       I like the idea, but the advantage of keeping the plugs low is that plugs (and appliance cords) generally aren't very aesthetic, and I can't figure anyway to fix the latter, at least.   

       However, this would be a supremely good idea for a computer installation/lab/what-have-you.
Uncle Nutsy, Oct 27 2000

       You would then run into the problem of "what the heck am I going to do with the extra six feet of power cord sitting on my end table" you might want to package cord shorteners, or those little things that wind up extra cord, or maybe even some good old cable ties with you wall wands.
addicted, Nov 29 2000

       Don't know about you guys but in the Uk we could just unscrew the cable one end, cut the cable shorter, and then screw it back together again.   

       Maybe that's too complicated for you.
CasaLoco, Feb 26 2002

       Yes, that's it, CasaLoco . . . it's too damn complicated.
bristolz, Feb 26 2002


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