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The giggle stopper
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We've all had those embarassing and financially hurtful occasions, when we've been introduced to prospective parents-in-law or job interview panelists only to be taken with fits of laughter at their poorly fitted hairpiece. With new Wig-A-Way aesthetic improvement glasses you'll never be confronted by an hilarious syrup again! These little wonders simply filter out any light which has previously bounced off cheap nylon fibres.

Warning - may have unfortunate side effects, do not wear at midwestern sales conferences.

key-aero, Jul 27 2001


       I've really only put this one here because, of all the categories I've looked at, fashion:hair seems to get the worst posts/ratings ratio.
key-aero, Jul 27 2001

       'Hilarious syrup'?
StarChaser, Jul 28 2001

       Syrup: n CRS cfr syrup of figs
key-aero, Jul 30 2001

       Once more in English?
StarChaser, Aug 04 2001

       English? CRS=Cockernee rhyming slang.
key-aero, Aug 06 2001

       Ah, so desu. That's never made any sense to me...
StarChaser, Aug 06 2001


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