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is a small furball with the patented tribble yells and chortles as configurable ringtones and voice activated dialling.

(oh and guess which episode of Star Trek I saw today)

FlyingToaster, Apr 18 2009

Tribble cases to put them in... http://images.googl...%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DG
[xandram, Apr 20 2009]


       Breaks into song: " There may be tribbles ahead.... but while there’s music and moonlight and love and romance, let’s face the music and dance ''
xenzag, Apr 19 2009

       Tribble dildo, Tribble usb, Tribble mouse, Fluffy custard, Vagina Tribble, (for [21Quest]) exploding Tribble and ofcourse the all time favourite Tribble Lawn Ornament.   

       And thusly, the power of prediction saves us from a new fad.
zeno, Apr 19 2009

       <hmmph> and here I thought I was being all nice not posting "Tribblebomb". § x1
FlyingToaster, Apr 19 2009

       How to come up with another good tribble idea though? That'd be a challenge.
nineteenthly, Apr 20 2009

       Well, there's the condiment Tribble Truffle, or the dessert Tribble Trifle.
coprocephalous, Apr 20 2009

       Tribble roomba is affectionate sounding near dustbunnies. indulgent people toss cotton balls on the floor to make their tamogotchi like tribbles happy.
beanangel, Sep 24 2017


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