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Trigger-riffic Gloves

gloves with 30 different triggers in them
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The idea is to implant small, velocity sensitive, drum triggers in a set of gloves. I work in a music store and a vast majority of the drummers and other musicians who come in will brrr-at-at-duum-tat-tat with their knuckles/fingers/palm on the counter. Seasoned musicians are able to get a steady and groove-worthy beat with nothing more than a counter top.

From my personal experiments in counter drumming and watching others, I figure 30 different parts of the hands are used for different sounds, rolls, etc. My idea is to implant trigers at these 30 diferent places and implant a small MIDI jack in the gloves to allow this counter drumming to control a digital drum brain. These (existing) brains, or keyboards for that matter, are capable of progamming what sounds will be triggered by which pad and so on. A chord key system could potentially be implemented to add even more tonal posibilities.

The 30 different triggers would be (one set on each hand)

1 on the pad of each of the four fingers.

1 on the knuckle of the thumb (placed so that if you made a thumbs up and rotated your hand to impact the counter with your thumb it would hit the trigger)

1 on each of the first and second knuckles of the four fingers

1 on the heel of the hand where it meets the wrist

and finaly,

1 on the fleshy pad below the pinky finger when you make a fist.

bleh, Mar 02 2007

Cornell Seniors have Baked it for me http://hackedgadget...4760-final-project/
Those Bastards. They got slack on the sensors though. They only used 8. [bleh, May 08 2010]

Andrew Huang plays with a very similar idea https://www.youtube...watch?v=sdUMelk7OFE
[bleh, Jul 24 2019]


       I'm neither drummer nor musician and I want a pair.
normzone, Mar 02 2007

       trigger happy?
MercuryNotMars, Mar 02 2007

       I think this is possibly my best received idea. amazing. thanks!
bleh, Mar 10 2007

       //"... but I was just typing an email with my virtual keyboard gloves. Grrr, forgot to turn off drum synth mode again."\\   

       I'm a bass player, so i was thinking one could be worn on the right hand when playing slap-style to accompany yourself on drums. I typically hit with my thumb where the kick would be anyway, and I pop with my index finger when the snare would hit.   

       I would be cool to see what other day to day dexterous activities would sound like with the trigger gloves though. you could wear them all day with a pack to record the MIDI data and then hook it up to a computer for playback. interesting.
bleh, Mar 12 2007

       Some thieving bastard got shot down on american inventor last night with something very similar to this. His didn't have nearly enough triggers and it had built in (bad) sounds instead of controlling an external device.   

       Maybe he thought of it independently, either way, I'm a little bitter. At least he got shot down.
bleh, Jun 21 2007

       Did it make getting shot down sounds? Don't be bitter. Better that he crashes and burns and you learn from his mistakes.   

       You don't want to be the first guy through the minefield. My experience is that it's best to be third.
normzone, Jun 24 2007

       //You don't want to be the first guy through the minefield. My experience is that it's best to be third.//   

       Well, I guess I should get started then. Looks like the second contender has made a set <linky>.
bleh, May 08 2010


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