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Troll-Baiters Anonymous

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We all love displays of wit and eloquence. But when we insist on making such displays in ways that degrade the hb experience, it's time to admit the awful truth that is the first step toward liberation.

Or is that "the first true step toward awful libertarianism?" Oh, well, you get the idea.

Meeting schedules to be announced.

beauxeault, Feb 04 2002

First, you go into their territory, then you stick your hand in their mouth.... http://www.theatlan...catfish/catfish.htm
No, really, it does mention trolls..... [normzone, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       In true halfbakery tradition, "Guerrilla Troll-Baiters" should spring up in response to TBA, but in my mind the results of such a thing would be too horrible to imagine.
beauxeault, Feb 04 2002

       Hi, My name is Arora, and I don't regret my idea about anonymous annotations, but with hindsight I could have picked a better time. I have to admit I hadn't been up-to-date with certain HB's. My idea wasn't meant to "stir up a hornets nest", just bad timing, sorry. I was truly embarassed at my first idea, or rather my response.   

       I am also an alcoholic, not a drug addict, but I can work at it.
arora, Feb 04 2002

       Hi, my name is CoolerKing. I've been baiting trolls for the last two weeks. But with the help of my brothers and sisters here, I may just be able to kick the habit.   

       Oh, and I'm an alcoholic too. No-one's going to take that away from me.   

       However, I don't regret the things I have done, more those that I did not do.
CoolerKing, Feb 04 2002

       Do you think blonde trolls have more fun?
po, Feb 04 2002

       blonde or blind?
In case of Troll Emergency: Dazzle with Brilliance
Plan B: Baffle 'em with Bullshit
thumbwax, Feb 04 2002

       What a terrible idea. Just because you don’t understand someone’s brilliant annotations you decide they’re a troll.
And blissmiss, “drug addicted, obessive/compulsive, gambling, nymphomaniac”. Oh yeah? You wish!!!!!

And what sort of a name is CoolerKing? Everyone’s seen that film about a million, zillion times. For such ‘clever’ people, you lot aren’t very original and…err…oh! Oops! Terribly sorry! I thought that this was Troll-Baiter Baiters Anonymous. Ha! ha! Wrong room. Oops! <cough>
DrBob, Feb 04 2002

       As usual I'm several months ahead of the rest of you lazy, indolent 1/2Bakers. I pledged to stop troll baiting some time last October, and managed a happy 3 months before lapsing earlier this year. So you all got some work to do if you want to catch up with the master.
pottedstu, Feb 05 2002

       I am NOT a troll baiter. No. Definitely Not. I don't know what you people are thinking. Sure, I'll try to engage a trollish poster in some dialogue, but I'm never snarky about it. Hey, it's not like I HAVE to do it. I can go a few days without, if I want. Really. I mean, everbody does it a little bit. I'm no different. I've gotta flex my language muscles sometimes. Only once or twice a day, that's normal, right?

Why are you all looking at me like that?
quarterbaker, Feb 05 2002

       Hi, my name is goff, and I'm one of the worst troll-baiters in all of half-bakerdom. I can't help it. Your intellect is your armour on the half-bakery - can I help it if some people are defenceless?
Most people here aren't. The comeback to the well-formed jibe is part of what the HB is all about. If you can't stand the heat, then get out of the bakery.
Having said that, I have resolved to refrain from personal attacks, whatever the provocation. I'm sure I can do it, if I take it one day at a time, and get the support from this TBA group...
goff, Feb 05 2002

DrBob, Feb 05 2002

       Hi. I pursue a dogged line in my baitery of trolls. No, I'm Dog Ed and I troll baits on a long line. No that's not right either. Garrrr. Is it true that arguing on the internet is like running in the Special Olympics because even if you win you're still retarded?
Dog Ed, Feb 06 2002

       I'm blonde, po, and I'm not sure if it's more fun for me to troll than it is for you.
bristolz, Feb 06 2002

       inside this darkhaired person, there is a blonde trying to escape.
po, Feb 11 2002

       Embrace your inner blonde.
quarterbaker, Feb 11 2002

       An example of writing that's trying too hard.
bristolz, Aug 15 2003

       Now, [bristolz] remember why we're here ...
k_sra, Aug 16 2003

       I have a clear recollection of that. You think that's out of line?
bristolz, Aug 16 2003

k_sra, Aug 16 2003

       Bridge of thighs
bristolz, Sep 29 2003

       I think I must have gotten into the wrong movie.   

       I thought the thing about whole chickens would work, but then, I have never been a Master Baiter, So I can't be sure. I wonder, though, If you use the gloopy stuff, what holds it on the hook? at least with catfish bait, you chop it up pantyhose in it to help hold it together.   

       Waiting with baited breath...
erehwon, Jan 30 2004

       Baiting trolls is for timid folks.....now, NOODLING for trolls is not for the faint of heart [see link]
normzone, May 14 2004


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