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Occasionally changing idea

Chinese whisper of a concept
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Holographic wallpaper that makes your room seem bigger than it really is...
Dub, Nov 15 2007


       Don't play title games - it's turning the halfbakery from a usable database into a - not very funny - private joke you're sharing with about a dozen or so other users.
jutta, Nov 15 2007

       I feel like anno-ing this validates it as a halfbakery thread... it is not. Must agree with [jutta]   

       Stop this.   

       I try to make my titles eye-catching, but back them up with substance, an IDEA
evilpenguin, Nov 15 2007

       Sorry peeps - Not my intention to upset or disrupt - There was an idea - Not sure I would have called it a game or anything private - Quite the opposite, actually - Rather that ideas can be genetic - modified significantly by the smallest comment - and modified by user interaction - Obviously didn't fly though.   

Dub, Nov 15 2007

       R U talking PC wallpaper or real stick it up with paste on your walls wallpaper? (with troll icons as a neat little pattern?)
po, Nov 15 2007

       [boysparks] very sweet of you - Re-post it, by all means, if you like it.   

       [bigsleep] I didn't what to change the topic title - I was aiming for a hive-brain idea / genetic idea - I'd seeded it (with holographic wallpaper), and was hoping for some kind of brain-storm modification. I thought that the idea might be left to evolve.   

       [po]Stick-it-up wallpaper (first thing I looked at when I started typing) - but that was beside the point - The real idea was the interaction. (OK, not exactly a new concept!)   

       BTW - I've been occasionally modifying one of my annos from a year ago in a similar way (but far more tedious way) - I'm hoping it'd show-up (somewhere like the Wayback Machine) - as a sort of time-lapse anno - It doesn't pop-up in recent, so I can't be accused of churning (not my idea in the first place) - I just thought it'd be fun.
Dub, Nov 15 2007

       Hm...I thought there were only a dozen or so other users...?   

DrCurry, Nov 15 2007


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