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Try a whole bunch of clothes at a clothes store in no time!
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When I'm going to a shop to buy clothes i never bother to try more than two or three different pieces of clothing.

Therefore I have an idea that if there was a computer there with a digital camera, it could take a picture of my face, i could pick some clothes from a list of images on the computer, and the computer could match my face with the different clothes i pick.

The pictures of the clothing could be taken every time the store got in something new, by dressing it on one of those dolls they have and take the picture.

This way, I clould try 20 pieces of clothing and see if I found something that looked nice for me, and when I found something, I could try that one to find the right size. The availeble sizes would ofcourse be listed on the computer.

Another way of doing this, for example in a store that sells suits, would be having 10 of those dolls cut in half and hollowed out so it would be like a half shell, dressing them on the front side and placing a mirror in front. People could stand behind/inside the doll-shell and look in the mirror, walking from mirror to mirror and "try on" all the 10 suits.

plexus, Jul 26 2008

they have this for hairdos, which works with your face http://www.thehairs...K4pQCFRRhnAodMzc4Rg
[xandram, Jul 28 2008]

(?) Here it is:) http://ip.hhi.de/co...ion_G2/clothing.htm
I found out today that someone has actually made this product. [plexus, Mar 27 2009]


       Nice if you catch your local clothes shop on a quiet day, would drive you nuts when it's full of people waiting infront of you with multiple outfits!   

       And [plexus] please, use 'clothing' or 'lots of clothes', not 'bunch', we're not talking about fruit here. ;)
kuupuuluu, Jul 26 2008

       I don't know about you, but I associate bunches of fruit with underwear.
mylodon, Jul 26 2008

       But trying on clothes is not just about seeing whether they fit your face - it's about seeing whether they fit your actual body shape!   

       There are places online where you give them your exact measurements (like a tailor would, not the abbreviated nonsense clothes are usually sorted by), and they supposedly show you clothes that fit those exact measurements. When I last tried that, didn't work for me in practice - too few clothes in the system.
jutta, Jul 26 2008

       Not invented by a French Woman
gnomethang, Jul 26 2008

       Maybe invasive airport security scans could be transmuted into a useful consumer asset after all.   

       You think you're kidding, 2 fries, but those really are the first two applications advertised for Pacific Northwest's 3-D Body Holographic Scanner.
jutta, Jul 27 2008

       Hmm, I'll be danged.   

       Would work great for shoes. [-] I'm not just being negative here, am I? This is hardly a solution. The face thing. I mean, what does that mean? Match your face? What about ugly people, cyclopses, burn victims, cross-eyed folk, people who need high prescription glasses, people with freckles, patchy facial hair, butter faces, butter bodies, receding hair lines, old people, widow's peaks, baldness, zits, scars, exzema. The list goes on!
daseva, Jul 28 2008


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