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Tube Hospital

Follow the yellow line to a cure
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We were discussing today the amazing amount of stuff the people leave on the Underground in London, and it was noted that there were not only vast numbers of crutches, but also several artifical legs left on trains. Logically, therefore, there must be some kind of amazing restorative properties in travelling at high speed underground which is curing all these people by the time they arrive at their destinations. Therefore, let us harness this power by making hospitals on rails which will travel underground at high speed.
moomintroll, Feb 07 2006

Round Trip Train Ride Hotel Round_20Trip_20Train_20Ride_20Hotel
Hotels on trains [hippo, Feb 07 2006]

London Tube Map http://www.womble.o...n%20Underground.jpg
[Dub, Feb 08 2006]

If we could somehow get rails in here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CERN
we could cure the common cold! [calum, Feb 08 2006]

(?) Anagram Station Names http://www.unfortu.net/anagrammap/
[Dub, Feb 11 2006]

O.T. Band names mapped to tube stations http://blogs.guardi...ng_underground.html
[Dub, Feb 12 2006]

O.T. Sponsored Tubs Stations http://www.digitalh...m/tube/sponsors.pdf
[Dub, Feb 21 2006]


       And we could have Dr. Kevorkian just shove all the terminal people in front of the next oncoming "hospital."   

       <faux ER dialogue> "We're going to have to intubate him. Get me four milligrams ethyl-dioxy-hydro-celphalopod, two units of cross-matched and a fresh Oyster card. He's not going to Cockfosters on my shift." </fERd>
coprocephalous, Feb 07 2006

       <pun zone>"You've come to the wrong place! This is St Pancreas - get to Arsenal as fast as you can!"</pun zone>
hippo, Feb 07 2006

       [Linky]No, you're fine, go to Welling. Yes, your wife's fine, too. Send her to Ladywell... No on closer inspection, better make that Shepherds Bush. Oh, that looks nasty. Ickenham or Ilford.   

       Flatulence you say? Try Tooting or Tooting Bec.
Dub, Feb 08 2006

       I always admire pure logic at work.
bungston, Feb 08 2006

       Ah, there go the lights again, this is terminal.
reensure, Feb 08 2006

       The nurses always look slightly afeart when the train approaches Mudchute.
calum, Feb 08 2006

       Gender Bonus bound patients are popular with the nurses [Granaram kiln]
Dub, Feb 11 2006


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