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Tunnel Golf

golf played in a tunnel
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Tunnel Golf is played in a tunnel. These are the details:
The tunnel is very long and meandering.
It has wide spots, slopes, ascents, descents, curves, narrow and wide sections, but it's always a tunnel with a roof, curved sides and floor.
The tunnel has one side made completely from armoured perspex, meaning that spectators can follow the route and observe the game in total safety. The players however must wear helmets and padded clothing as they risk being struck by their opponent's golf balls as they ricochet down the tunnel.

All other aspects of the game are present ie sand pits, water traps, but there are other obstacles only really possible in a tunnel - ie pillars instead of trees; dimly illuminated sections; cross wind area; water cascading from the ceiling area to create zones of adversity.

Also, I nearly forgot to mention, Tunnel Golf doubles up as a subatomic particle accelerator! This is how the accelerator got its funding in the first place.

xenzag, Aug 26 2023

VR journey to the center of the earth golf https://www.youtube...watch?v=jjmwzOmkhBY
[mylodon, Sep 07 2023]

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       I'm dead serious, this is absolutely your best idea ever.   

       An easier thing to do might be forest golf where you put targets on the trees that if you hit perfectly bounce around in a zigzag to the hole. Might even put up targets on a regular golf course to do the zig zaggy thing.   

       Anyway, the tunnel thing's brilliant. [+]
doctorremulac3, Aug 26 2023

       Well that's one way to correct my slice.   

       The perspex and helmets make it intriguing. Having recently been to a golf course where two participants kept hitting each other with clubs I can attest to the value add of physical presence and adrenaline.
mylodon, Sep 07 2023

       Are there funicular arrangements, or do the golf buggies drive across the ceiling just by building up plenty of momentum in advance? [+]
pertinax, Sep 07 2023

       Buggies? No buggies, and no caddies - the players have to tab around unassisted.
xenzag, Sep 07 2023


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