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UV/Ultra Sonic Washer/Hand Dryer

Hands Free Wash/Drying
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The amount of germs that are deposited on toilet doors, basins and taps must be quite extensive... so..

A Washer/Hand Dryer that when you insert your hands, you automatically get an Ultra Violet treatment that kills the germs, followed by a fine mist of soft suntan based spray, followed by a quick burst of ultrasonic to clear any debris, followed by gently scented wafting breeze of warm air to finish off the job.

Supercruiser, Oct 01 2003

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       "Unfortunately, the device sprayed suntan lotion on my hands *after* the UV exposure. Just as well I suppose, since spraying it before would have just protected any germs, too. What really got me was the ultrasonic burst. It scared the bejeezus out of my seeing eye dog who caused me to slip in the puddle of lotion underneath the device. The next thing I knew I was getting a face-full of hot, scented air."
phoenix, Oct 01 2003


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