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Ultra Chocolatier

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Sometimes, under pressures of work, family and whatever, we all reach a state of agitation that is way beyond fixing by just having a coffee or going for a walk.

Introducing the 'Ultra Chocolatier' personal relaxation cubicle - a coin operated booth, set up in convenient locations in shopping malls and high streets.

The units deliver a fine mist of freeze dried, powdered chocalate. Enter the cubicle, fully clothed, and place your coins in the slot. Stand with legs slightly apart and arms held away from the body. If you are carrying shopping bags, that's OK. If you are wearing glasses, put them in a pocket.

Tilt you head back slightly as the chocalate powder begins swirling around and filling the space. Take deep, deep breaths through the mouth and nose. Avoid licking the lips.

After about a minute, your time is up. Exit the cubicle, taking care not to smudge any of your chocalate powder 'paint job'.

Float off about your business, completely relaxed in your new earthy-toned ensemble, surrounded by the rich chocolate aroma and high on your inhaled chocolate rush.

Avoid dogs.

ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 05 2005


       mummy, why is that fat man licking the brown fat man?
benfrost, Feb 05 2005

       good morning consul, is this chocolate sweetened? sugar would leave me feeling pretty sticky, if unsweetened, I guess I'd prefer the coffee mist.
dentworth, Feb 05 2005

       [dentworth] Yes, sweetened. Options are Swiss, Dark or Carob. Lots of poor countries depend on sugar exports.
ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 05 2005

       Ah, I'll finally achieve the cocoa brown "tan" I've always wanted.
Machiavelli, Feb 06 2005


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