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therapeutic shopping

guilt free shopping
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Many people in the Western world are hopelessly addicted to the shopping experience. However, as economic situations change many cannot afford to go out to the mall and blow a couple of thousand. Also, the excess production of goods has real costs in energy, enviornmental degradation, etc, etc.

Solution: Deptartment stores and other retail shops would create special accounts for the addicted shopper so that they could indulge in the shopping experience and actually check out the merchandise with a special card cleverly disguised as a credit card. The clerk would then give the customer a date for when the goods would be delivered to his/her home and then the store would restock the merchandise instead of shipping it. The customer would pay a low fee for this service.

This semi virtual shopping experience could also be used to impress dates, inlaws and other parties

dora, Nov 20 2005


       Um. I can't help but feel you're going in the wrong direction here.
DrCurry, Nov 20 2005

       I think Dora has something here...
po, Nov 20 2005

       Yes. "SG Stores" (Second Guess, not Second Hand, not Sporting Goods)
reensure, Nov 21 2005


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