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Ultra Compact Christmas Tree

Folds to almost nothing for storage
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This designs consists merely of a flat heavy base with a vertical pole. The pole is covered with concentric rings of fibre-optic threads getting progressively longer as you near the base of the tree coming down from the top. When plugged in, the pole spins causing the fibre-optic threads to form the traditional Christmas tree shape replete with the appropriate multi-coloured twinkling effects.

If you wish to add additional decorations you can permanently attach light-up baubles to the ends of some of the fibre-optics and/or have LED rope lights hanging from the top of the tree which spin like the cowboy rope in the [linked] video. Affix a lit-up star or angel on the top of the tree and you're set to go.

When the season is over, simply unplug the tree causing all the fibre-optic threads and baubles to collapse back against the pole for you to slide a fabric cover (like an umbrella bag) over it before putting the whole thing into storage until next year. Suitable for apartment dwellers or shops who have limited storage space but might want multiple Christmas trees.

Thanks to my son JK for helping me develop this idea.

AusCan531, Nov 28 2012

Flat Spin rope http://www.youtube....watch?v=buHuJDqk4ys
Only with LED coloured rope lights. [AusCan531, Nov 28 2012]

Spinning LEDs http://www.youtube....watch?v=gklBWwGyreM
like thus. [tatterdemalion, Nov 28 2012]

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       Could also be done with a single line of LEDs running from the top of the pole to the edge of the base, that changes colors as the thing spins, creating a 3D image of a lighted tree using persistence of vision.
tatterdemalion, Nov 28 2012

       Looks cool [tatterdemalion]. In order to conform with the storage idea the LED's would need to fold into the base for compactness. Perhaps the rigid spinning LED could be attached near the top so diameter isn't much of an issue. You could have Santa and his sleigh circumnavigating the tree.
AusCan531, Nov 28 2012

       Very good. I was thinking of something similar the other day. (+) Thanks for reminding me.   

       I have an inflatable Christmas tree. Does that count?
DrBob, Nov 28 2012

       Don't know why I'm mentioning it, but I always thought it would be funny to spear someone with a Christmas Tree.
rcarty, Nov 28 2012

       Ikea have done a very flat pack tree for a while now. It is just a couple of sticks that slot together and a long line of tinsel that hangs from the top to form a concentric swirl of a tree, it free stands about 120cm and does basically all the same without the leds. Perhaps you should chat with their marketing team.
PainOCommonSense, Nov 28 2012

       If it spin sufficiently fast, it could be highly dangerous to approach … [+]
8th of 7, Nov 28 2012

       fiber optics. yea! [+] But don't use telecom-grade fibers - all the light will travel to the fibers' ends with none leaking out the sides along the way. Use crappy cheap plastic fiber so you get good scattering out the sides.
sqeaketh the wheel, Nov 28 2012

       Christmas spears [+]
Voice, Dec 02 2012

       //Don't know why I'm mentioning it, but I always thought it would be funny to spear someone with a Christmas Tree//   

       Have your lawyer use the InSantanity Clause.
AusCan531, Dec 02 2012


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