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wrapping paper in all sizes

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why not?

why do all those rolls at the supermarket come in the same size?

so stoopid! presents come in all sizes and so we need short, medium and long. I have enough trouble wrapping things as it is and beloved Sycho (the new cat) doesn't help at all.

happy xmas one and all. love po

po, Dec 19 2012


       Merry Chris-mas, {po}! And may you find wrapping paper that fits Sycho... :)
lurch, Dec 19 2012

       I've taken to saving the full color comics pages from the Sunday paper for my present wrapping needs.
normzone, Dec 19 2012

blissmiss, Dec 19 2012

       Search for "wide wrapping paper". It is certainly available in a large range of sizes - just not at the supermarket. Try a specialty shop.
spidermother, Dec 19 2012


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