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Yule Glue

Yule Glue- The Christmas Tree Needle Glue. A transparent glue in a spray can to keep pine needles on the tree.
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The holiday season should not just be a time for celebrating and giving; it should also be a time of relaxing. This is a difficult goal to accomplish when so much time must be devoted to maintaining the family Christmas Tree.

There is nothing like having a real, live Christmas Tree during the holdiay season to fill the house with aromas and holiday cheer. Not to mention a horrible piny mess.

That mess is no more. Before bringing the tree in the house to decorate, give it a shake and pull out a can of transparent, quick-drying Yule Glue. Coat the tree thoroughly from top to bottom and make sure you get it on every branch. Then haul that sucker inside and be confident that every needle has been bound to it's branch.

It works by atomizing the liquid glue into tiny beads of adhesive that fall upon the needles and branches of the tree like spray paint. The adhesive though, under magnification, is networked like a spiders web and keeps every needle off the floor.

Now everyone can enjoy the presence of a live Christmas Tree in their homes this holiday without the mess. The glue is from natural sources and is completely biodegradable.

ImBack, Dec 24 2002

link recommending asprin http://ourhouse.nin.../db/tips/08/838.asp
[Marassa, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

and another http://www.princeof...ardennews121601.htm
[Marassa, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

(?) and one that says it doesn't work..... http://varsoon.wire.../Wc8dacf5ab8dd0.htm
[Marassa, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       I think the shedding pine needles are supposed to be part of the fun.
madradish, Dec 24 2002

       How'd you guess?
ImBack, Dec 24 2002

       I thought about croissanting this one.
bristolz, Dec 24 2002

       That wouldn't be foolish.
ImBack, Dec 24 2002

       I need some transparent green glue, since I often forget to water the tree.
FarmerJohn, Dec 24 2002

       Put 15 asprins in the water when you set the tree up...then add three more everyday. You'll find the needles stay on longer.
Marassa, Dec 24 2002

       Aspirin? Hmm. I wonder why that works.
bristolz, Dec 24 2002

       I have no idea.
Marassa, Dec 24 2002

       Cutting a small amount off of the bottom of the tree before you water it for the first time will also do the trick.   

       [2fries]The needles still fall off the tree even if you keep it hydrated. [BinaryCookies]Why would somebody waste ten dollars on aspirin when sugar or salt or anti-bacterial chemicals would do the same thing? Remember, the tree is semi-dead already.
ImBack, Dec 25 2002

       //ten dollars on aspirin//   

       Wow. Inflation must be wild where you are. Here, you can get a bottle of 250 asprins for $1.50
Marassa, Dec 25 2002

       If you spray something on the needles, how are they going to breathe?
RayfordSteele, Dec 27 2002

       I, too, like the smell of evergreen in my home at Xmas, but long ago I decided to forego the mess and expense of the full tree scenario (yes, Xmas comes but once a year but I refuse to pay $35 to $45 for something I'll have in my house for about 2 weeks). I have owned and used the same artificial tree for seven years now and it still looks fine when fully decorated. To achieve that outdoorsy pine fragrance I tie several fresh-cut pine boughs together with a festive bow and stand them up in a large vase. This provides that cheery aroma while making minimal mess. And I don't need to give my boughs any aspirin.
Canuck, Dec 29 2002


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