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voice activated horn

speak into da mike your voice comes out the Horn!
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Kind of explains itself doesn't it!
Rob2, Sep 03 2000


       It's called a "megaphone". The cops have them built into their squad cars...
egnor, Sep 03 2000

       I love the idea but here (NZ) it's not legal. Perhaps simply have the horn activate as you yell at the ***hole who cut you off while you are using both hands to steer out of trouble.
Alcin, Sep 04 2000

       A friend of mine had a microphone rigged up to an external speaker in his '84 Buick Regal. He also had one of those little keyrings with buttons on to make a siren sound, a machine-gun sound, etc. Best results were obtained by holding the keyring up to the microphone and pressing a button...
hippo, Sep 04 2000


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