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Umbilical Neck Tie

Either a picture on a tie or a realistic rubbery model... or the real thing
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An umbilical cord is really a beautiful thing when its washed. See picture for example. I would love to have a tie with a picture of an umbilical cord on it. Or maybe fashion accesories made from realistically modeled umbilical cord material. I think its the colors that's so beautiful. An umbilical necklace would be good, a bracelet. Maybe little earings. What about umbilical cord woven into dreadlocks? Maybe on the darker side a realistic looking umbilical cord tied in a noose and worn upsidedown as a tie. Don't wear it to the big meeting for the new account.
JesusHChrist, Jul 01 2005

Umbilical Tie http://gatesof.tvheaven.com/photo4.html
let me know if you can't see these pictures, I have a Macintosh that wont save graphic files as jpgs. [JesusHChrist, Jul 01 2005]

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       There's a baby goat wandering around outside, with his dried umbilical cord still attached. Dry and brown looks good on a goat. Your tie looks like an eviscerated mutant.
baconbrain, Jul 01 2005

       umbilical cords and necks are not a good mixture, ask a midwife.
po, Jul 01 2005

       I think umbilical cords and fashion are not the best bed fellows either, and I witnessed a birth last week.
benindubai, Jul 01 2005


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