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Laces that undo your shoes when you "tighten" them.
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I wear boots. Safety boots mainly. I like boots. But undoing the laces is a bit boring. Sometimes I see people with big boots, and many many many many holes to lace and un-lace. Those people must waste nearly half their lives lacing and un-lacing. (Disclaimer: Actual time may vary. Estimates based on hole/lace friction, weather conditions, dubin co-efficient, and finger dexterity. Author makes no representation as to its accuracy or validity, and may not actually wear boots.)

I propose a new style of shoe-lace, which acts similar to a vertical blinds pull-string system ==> One set of ends does up your shoes/boots/garter/ice-skates, and the other ends undoes them. (The ends that un-does them will actually be retracted during normal operation, with only a pull-ring protruding, or perhaps a lawnmower-style pull-start handle).

JoeyJoJoShabadoo, Oct 25 2005


       Ski boots have those single-action snaps to open and close the boot, alhtough most have more than one. Possibly you could modify that to get your lace pulls.   

       But if you could actually design this system, I think you would have a valuable patent on your hands. Time to take up technical drawing, methinks.
DrCurry, Oct 25 2005

       For those of use who don't like velcro/buckles/cable ties/elastic/gaffa tape. I guess.
JoeyJoJoShabadoo, Oct 25 2005


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