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Work Slippers

Steel-toed, rubber soled slippers
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Work Slippers are for working around the (outside of the) house in the rain, mud, or dirt. They are basically low-cut, loose-fitting work boots that are easy to kick off. Slip them on just before (or just after) going outside and walk all around. Then when you're about to come inside (even just for a second) you can slip them off so you don't track dirt/mud inside. This makes frequent in-and-out trips much easier than just using work shoes or boots. Useful for people who have to walk outside temporarily to do laundry or any other outdoor task.
hanford, Dec 11 2003

Steel Toed Garden Clogs http://backyard.eco...s&specific=johppnf8
[AO, Jan 27 2005]


       Baked, but they’re usually called garden clogs.
AO, Dec 11 2003

       My those are sporty!
k_sra, Dec 12 2003

       Really disappointed. Thought this was going to be the idea of management supporting people wearing their slippers at work. Thereby increasing the relaxation levels and probably increasing workflow.   

       More to the actual idea, I just wear my normal hard-soled slippers when popping outside, or if its raining hard - Wellingtons.
lolo, Dec 12 2003


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