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Volley Bowling

A ball sport with a difference - 20 pin 'bowling'.
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Normal volleyball rules apply, except a single bounce is allowed. Also, each half of a standard volleyball court has 10 large (hip height) inflatable pins set-up. Bonus points are scored for knocking over the other team's pins, either by hitting them with a ball, or causing your opposition to knock them over when defending a shot. A ball out of court would cause the pins to be reset. A strike would finish the round and give you double points on the next service.
WYBloke, Apr 28 2004

Practicing a serve. http://www.big-blok...bowling_mid-air.jpg
[Worldgineer, Oct 04 2004]


       "You serve." "I'm not hitting that thing, you serve."
Worldgineer, Apr 28 2004

       I'm having trouble figuring out exactly where the pins are.
yabba do yabba dabba, Apr 28 2004

       (You talking to me? I was imagining someone trying to serve using a bowling ball - I completely forgot about the finger holes. Now the problem comes in returning a serve.)
Worldgineer, Apr 28 2004

       He was being funny. I got it. Though I'm not sure that I should have admitted it. Dry, engineer type humor.
half, Apr 28 2004

       I thought a volleyball should be used, rather than a bowling ball :0) Then again, there could be an extreme version.   

       The pins are dotted around the court, retaining the triangular layout, just a little more spaced out.   

       I imagine that a strike might be a little difficult to come by unless there's a really long rally.
WYBloke, Apr 29 2004

       //Dry, engineer type humor// I know of no other type of engineer humor.
Worldgineer, Apr 29 2004

       Ah, see, there it is again. :-)
half, Apr 29 2004


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