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Under the bed creature

Pull you under and grind ya!
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The perfect tool to torment your younger brothers and sisters! Made of flourescent gel-plastic and modeled after Lovecraft's Deep Ones and connected to the convenient outlet behind the bed, can be programmed for activation and endless fun at specific times. Many chilling pre-programed sounds and the ability to record and transmogrify the victim's name for terrifying personalization and "I-was-afraid-and-had-to-piss-my-blankets" situations. Easy to assemble. Order now and you'll get: 1. Companion booklet detailing the Lovecraftian myths and how to incorporate them to your pranks. Includes "At the Mountains of Madness". 2. A bottle of "drool of the Nyarlathotep" to smear the unsuspecting. 3. Black light bulb. 4. Stick on Fungi from Yuggoth (2). Have fun!
babyloon, Jun 08 2003

Boogieman Forensics Kit http://www.halfbake...n_20Forensics_20Kit
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       Needs a catchier name. How about Nyarlathotep or Yuggoth?
phundug, Jun 08 2003

       Did I mention the Fungi are edible?
babyloon, Jun 09 2003

       Apparently Roald Dahl used to thump poles against his children's windows at night to make them think there were giants outside. This was while he was writing BFG.   

       Well, that's what it says on the cover notes of my son's copy.
PeterSilly, Jun 10 2003

       Would it come in a non-Euclidian box?
oneoffdave, Jun 10 2003

       Grind ya? Whats Grind ya. I love little edible things that move under the bed - but thats me 4 you.
The Kat, Jun 10 2003


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