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Stretch Marx

A superhero doll that isn't perfect
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Stretch Marks is a super hero with stretch marks. He is overweight, but he used to weigh a lot more, and he still has stretch marks from being fat. And he is OK with it.

The female version, 'Pregnancy Girl', still has her stretch marks from pregnancy. So really, the only powers they have are the fact that they are comfortable with their bodies. A good lesson for today's kiddies.

And maybe they have eye lasers or something cool like that.

sleeka, Dec 13 2005

Much the same Barbie_27s_20Cousin_20Carolyn
I remember feminists calling for barbies to have a more realistic figure a while ago - and what should I find on google but a link back to the HB [fridge duck, Dec 13 2005]

epinions: Happy Family Midge and Baby http://www.epinions...content_83339218564
Pregnant Barbie doll, with a vast selection of barbie alternatives suggested by the epinions reviewer including "Stretch Marks Barbie". [jutta, Dec 18 2005]

comic book covers: Fat Superheroes http://dialbforblog.com/archives/72/
There's a whole genre of mainstream superhero stories in which the hero is suddenly transformed into - gasp - a hideous fat person. [jutta, Dec 18 2005]


       I believe there's a category for this kind of thing...the other:general category is reserved for high-ranking military officers.
normzone, Dec 13 2005

       Somehow, in my fevered imagination, I was expecting a giant rubberised doll of Karl Marx, which would be used to evict noisy people from the British Library.
moomintroll, Dec 13 2005

       Yeah, what [moomintroll] said. :(
DesertFox, Dec 13 2005

       I had in mind the missing 6th Marx brother who, instead of joining the family comedy troupe, went off to play basketball for the Freedonia Fireflys....
Minimal, Dec 13 2005

       I really don't believe that toys of any kind are in themselves responsible for self-image problems. For every Barbie there is a Cabbage Patch doll, for every GI Joe there is a Mr. Potato Head. Children of all ages know that these are *toys* for goodness' sake!   

       That aside, neither of your two toys sounds like much fun to play with, so fishbone.
DrCurry, Dec 13 2005

       Did Stalin conform to the ideas outlined in Das Kapital, or did he stretch Marx?
spiritualized, Dec 13 2005

       He contorted Marx to the most unconventional Engles.
Zimmy, Dec 19 2005

       Stretch Marx...that actually makes me laugh. In the early 70's I spent several summer weeks as a camp counselor for youngsters in Julian, California. One of the other counselors that summer was Steven (IIRC) Marx, grandson of Zeppo Marx. He was certainly insightful and bright and a good camp counselor and might have been all of 5'10", but he didn't really distinguish himself until until we had a squad on squad basketball game. Thereafter, he became known as "Stretch" Marx for his remarkable layup shots and domination of the court that day.   

       I haven't thought of "Stretch" in years, but I'm quite certain that he'd be amused to learn that yet another generation of Marx's were being nominated to superhero status, despite (or because of) their imperfections.
jurist, Dec 19 2005

       The idea is complete crap, but it's the best laugh I've had in ages, so it gets a +.
Honduras, Dec 19 2005


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