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Swiss Army Men

1/35 Scale Hundertschweizer
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Bag of 100 (the maximum prescribed by law) identical molded plastic Vatican Guardsmen in full 16th century regalia. Detachable ceremonial breastplates and automatic weapons included. Pope sold separately.
The Military, Jul 17 2001

Yours for $250... http://www.christma...collectors_club.htm
...but it's 17" tall. [angel, Jul 17 2001]


       Oh, I thought this was going to be a stand-in for when you can't find your Swiss Army Dildo.
lubbit, Jul 17 2001

       This would be a great idea if each of the doll's parts had numerous Swiss Army-type options. i.e. a black, white, hispanic, asian, etc. face; buff, wimpy, long, short, etc. arms; limp, hard, long, short, etc. dink. You get the idea.
Simonpf, Aug 14 2001

       Schweitzers, alas, aren't that multi-ethnic.
arghblah, Apr 06 2002

       Do they come with a dozen fold-out arms with all manners of halberds, swords and Bohemian Earspoons? +
Saruman, Jun 16 2006


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