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(Unsuccessful) Inventor. More of an ideas clearing house really. Lots of bang, no bucks. Wandering mind, refuse to be diagnosed as ADD. Like to stand on my head to make the people on TV look funnier. Works with the great outdoors too.

Genius: Someone who knows how to do everything except make a living.

[Sep 22 2009, last modified Mar 22 2012]

(+5, -1) Abacus Watch
(+14)(+14) All Heel Loaf
(+13, -1)(+13, -1) Bi-Lobal Omni-Bus
(+7) Choose Your Own Adventure Theme Park
(+2) Clothing Recycle Marks
(+14)(+14) Darktime Human Illuminated Bus Stop
(+1, -5) Designer Noose
(+7, -2) Drive-drive Golf
(+7, -1) Drive-thru Loo
(+1, -2) Extendable Bumpers
(+4) Get a Handle On
(+5, -1) Horse Skates
(+3) Humiliating Furnace
(+6, -2) LCD Auto Lamps
(+3) LCD Body Panels
 Lift Cam
 Loo-stall beverage holder
(+13)(+13) Marco Poultry
(+5, -2) Martyr Logs
(+2, -4) Mass Transit Germ Warfare
(+3, -4) Metal Tyres
(-7)(-7) MySpace Bar
(+4, -1) Office? Second office?
(+1, -2) Partitioned Spoon
(+9, -2) Pizza in a tube
(+7) Polynocchio
 Red Light Speed Bumps
(+7) Retractable Loo Paper Holder
(+3) Retrograde Wheelbarrow
(+4) Scalene Tricycle
(+11)(+11) Schlosstein
(+3) Scissor Sac
(+6) Selective Attachments
(+9)(+9) Sod Off Shotgun
(+9, -1)(+9, -1) Traffic Light Emoticons

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