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Wake-up Monitor

CPU or monitor produces oxygen to keep you awake.
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I searched the halfbakery for this idea (including the Bay Ha Plug), and I think it's an original. Have you ever been using your computer late into the wee hours of the night/morning and caught yourself dozing off? Well, why not take an idea from the casinos in Las Vegas and have oxygen flowing out of the CPU (or monitor, if your CPU is not on top of your desk) to keep you fresh and alert?
Canuck, Jul 25 2001

(?) Casino Urban Legends (w/ popups, sorry) http://www.snopes.c.../legends/gamble.htm
LEGEND: Casino Windsor pumps oxygen or some kind of scent into the gaming rooms, making patrons gamble more.
REALITY: Mundy has heard this legend many times. "You can't convince people it's not true," he said. Pumpking oxygen or anything else into a casino to make people gamble would be a felony, Mundy said. [jutta, Jul 25 2001]


       'Why not have oxygen flow out of your monitor?' As Mundy apparently said in Jutta's link, you'd turn the room's atmosphere into an explosive. Things burn -really- well when soaked in oxygen...
StarChaser, Jul 27 2001

       Reminds me of my idea to help smokers in non-smoking office environments - maybe I'll write a new entry about it. It was a really dumb idea too!
Nadia, Aug 31 2001

       ++ for me   

       I worked on the computer almost 12 hours a day. Addition oxygen would also help with frustation of working long hours.
neuromancer, Oct 06 2005


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