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Warp Speed Computing

Miniaturized Space Warps Required
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There happens to have happened an incident in --where else?- -- The Bermuda Triangle, involving an ordinary small plane and Official Airport Data. See the link.

Obviously we need to be able to duplicate that phenomenon! If we could do it at the level of electronic computer chips, electrons (or even light, in upcoming "photonic" chips), could travel much faster from one part of the chip to another, and the overall processing speed of the computer would be significantly higher.

Vernon, Jul 05 2017

A Natural Warp in Space-Time https://www.youtube...watch?v=_Phx6Z1kSDg
Some guys are just luckier than others, in the Bermuda Triangle.... [Vernon, Jul 05 2017]


       [Vernon] It is like fire, know what it is, know how it works so mankind can make it happen at will, in the necessary constraints. But how to know....
wjt, Jul 05 2017


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