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Use TVs to communicate one to one

The disabled often can't use smartphones or computers but they can watch TV
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"Hi mom. How are you? Sorry to break in to your TV show. Are you still listening to the musicians that visit and play in the nursing home? Sorry to break into your TV show, if you are in the middle of a favorite TV show or are otherwise busy let me know, I will call back at a later time."

Take a look at my new makeup, the TV show the kids love, and an Internet site I know you would like to know about." Turn around so I can see if you need a haircut."

This is done using a smartphone to visually communicate with the elderly or children that don't understand how to use smartphones but are watching cable TV,

People with memory and thought issues can't control their TV to watch programs they do or would enjoy. Friends and family that want to communicate with the resident are often thousands of miles away.

The resident's poor hearing, understanding and memory does not allow them to hear or operate a smart phone/PC/laptop/tablet so friends and family can't talk with them with video or audio.

TVs are allowed in nursing homes. A TV that friends and family could remotely control/change channels on, bring up internet sites to the resident, and visually and voice communicate with the resident via the caller's smartphone would be superb.

The cable operator that offers the TV could likely arrange PC like actions through the cable TV via the "black box" the TV depends on. Transmission of internet data would appear through the TV screen rather than a separate computer monitor. The voice and visual data would come over the internet versus wired phone lines.

Sunstone, Mar 15 2020

Telescreen https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telescreen
As used by your favourite sibling, Big Brother ... [8th of 7, Mar 15 2020]

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       Video screens that watch you back are Baked ... <link>   

       Soon to be made compulsory. In fact, they are compulsory, you just haven't been told yet. Don't worry though, the Thought Police will be calling soon to explain.
8th of 7, Mar 15 2020

       Why should smartphones have all the camera fun when Smart TVs with as many features are clearly a potential growth market?
RayfordSteele, Mar 16 2020


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