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Useful Exercise Coalition

Now that you're making 200 grand a year, time to start digging ditches on your weekends.
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There is no exercise like digging ditches, clearing brush, clearing fields of boulders etc. So why don't rich people do it instead of going to the gym on weekends? The answer is obvious. Somebody who's a ceo of a big company doesn't want to work side by side with somebody who's digging that same ditch for a living. That's just the way things are.

The idea is to have a bunch of very strenuous manual labor jobs lined up that will be performed for it's exercise benefit by people who want a great workout. The money from their labor will go to charity.

Now here's the other big difference. Not being born a silver spooner, I've done this kind of work in my youth. It's very hard, but the worst part is the preparation and the cleanup. That and the boss yelling at you. That would be eliminated. The tools, picks, shovels, hoes, scythes etc would all be laid out, the job would be clearly delineated and when done, the person would just drop the tool and leave, something by the way they can do at any time without being judged. Something else you couldn't do if you were actually doing this for minimum wage.

And oh yea, did I mention that it would be free?

Get the workout of your life someplace outdoors,

Have your labor earn money for good causes,

See what it's like to work on a chain gang with doctors, scientists and engineers. Being well off doesn't mean you can't occassionally kick ass with a shovel.

Commemorative shirts would be given out too. "Feather River Aquaduct Project: Cobra Team". "Children's Hospital Brush Removal: Sagebrush Bombers" etc.

I think the program should be called "Weekend Warriors"

doctorremulac3, Jul 13 2014


       I think that if your income has dropped to 200 grand a year, you should have other priorities.   

       Howevertheless, [+].
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 13 2014

       [+] Yeah but, they would think to dig ditches with their golf clubs.
xandram, Jul 14 2014

       I likey.
AusCan531, Jul 15 2014

       Safety first.   

       first it was "kill the rich".   

       then "eat the rich"   

       and now just "sweat the rich"   

       The rich's public relations firms are likely to get a xmas bonus this year. Progress of a kind.
popbottle, Jul 16 2014

       /The plus side of that is if you volunteer enough time, you get a killer price and a zero interest loan on a house for you that you also help build./   

       if married with kids
popbottle, Jul 16 2014


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