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The Fatapult

Throw those calories far out to sea!
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This mysterious device is very much like a large catapault but with pedals and a chair. One sits in the chair at the top and pedals like the clappers as a timer counts through a set time period. Each pedal winds tension on the spring release such that if you don't do enough pedalling before the timer goes 'bing!', you and your tracksuit are hurled some distance into the ocean.

The resulting swim back is also beneficial to overall health, however care must be taken in calculating trajectory towards the sea, as large people lying face down along the shoreline are sometimes mistaken for whales or even lost dugongs.

benfrost, Oct 02 2001

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       You know, I might get on and not pedal just to get the flight through the air. Could be fun.
barnzenen, Oct 02 2001

       Just make sure you don't belly flop when you hit the water.
CoolerKing, Oct 02 2001

       <laughs> I'd have expected that sort of thing from UnaBubba, Peter.
DrBob, Oct 02 2001

       This is a really bizarre exercise technique and I think it actually beats the exercise incentive of being chased by a live tiger that someone suggested here previously.   

       For the record are you talking about catapulting people into a warm ocean that lacks sharks?
Aristotle, Oct 03 2001

       I can see this on a sunny beach in Oz but not on the rainy coast of Oregon USA where the ocean is damn cold and the surf is often heavy. Still, it deserves a croissant. Maybe we could use it on one of our warmer lakes instead of at the seashore.
Dog Ed, Oct 03 2001

       You could say it's like a 'hat over the fence' to swimming proficiency. I could use that.
stupop, Oct 03 2001

       I think I'd just sit there and be catapulted - it sounds like a fun ride.
submitinkmonkey, Mar 17 2005

       + for dugong reference. I recently read that Australia is last refuge of the dugong.
bungston, Mar 17 2005

       Would the launch force be transmitted to the cyclist through the bicycle seat. which would suddenly be forced upwards with the force of 10 wedgies? I'd rather be chased by a tiger thank you.
RBStimers, Mar 18 2005

       That could be quite painful. A cushioned and supporting seat must therefore be designed - with a Wedgie-ometer to measure inner-buttock launch forces.
benfrost, Mar 18 2005


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