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very pleasant sensations with movement cause slimness pill

high AMU compounds that stay on the body side of the blood brain barrier that cause pleasant massage or sunbasking feelings with motion could keep people trim
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Popular science had an article on the technology of keeping at a beneficial BMI

I've read that fidgeting assists those who keep svelte I think it is possible that high AMU compounds that stay on the body side of the blood brain barrier could keep people trim

Often a yawn stretch or massage feels good A drug that caused those pleasant feelings of motion outside of CNS stimulation could make simple movements like fidgeting a pleasure

There are a few approaches such as find out what skin or muscle receptors make warm sun or massages feel good then develop drugs to effect those receptors while giving the molecules a high AMU to keep them just on the body side of the blood brain barrier

There is also the approach of describing a currently known compound then linking it to another molecule to keep it at the body side of the blood brain barrier fluorophores are attached to a variety of drugs with a hydrocarbon \/\/\/\/ linker that preserves both the drugs function plus the light up capability of the fluorophor thus the high AMU-linker-drug approach is of value

Phenylethylamine PEA as well as the the numerous physiologically active similar chemicals such as dopamine epinepherine MDMA could be made as PEAhighAMU versions then sampled as to physiological effect

the link notes that wellbutrin causes slimness as the mechanism is unknown it is possible it is a peripheral nervous system effect rather than a brain effect

Its also of note that 300 Calories per d from voluntary movement is near 40 lbs per year of BMI

basically its a pill that when you move it feels like sunbasking or massage Thus people move more frequently

beanangel, May 30 2009

Popular science notes wellbutrin combinations as a slimness drug http://www.popsci.c...ive-fat-pill?page=3
[beanangel, May 30 2009]

Cirsium oligophyllum topical drug that affects fat http://www.ncbi.nlm...nel.Pubmed_RVDocSum
this reference suggests that activating the adrenegenic receptors at the body tissue causes slimness rather than just a brain plus adrenaline causes hyperactivity approach; a really physiologically pleasant feeling similar to adrenalin chemical gives both pleasant sensation as well as tissue receptor slimness PEA is a premolecule to adrenaline [beanangel, May 31 2009]

The youtube video http://www.youtube....watch?v=AVGhnMwehe0
[beanangel, May 31 2009]


       Aren't molecules more holistic? Adding a group is not really a 1+1 change because those tricky electrons are involved.
wjt, May 31 2009

WcW, May 31 2009

       forgive me but I thought this was going to be about peristalsis...
po, May 31 2009

       [wjt] I modified the writing to be more functional   

       I've read about molecules like centrophenoxine that were specifically created as a p-chlorophenoxy group plus a dimethylaminoethanol group Basically DMAE a cleverness compound then attaching to p-chlorophenoxy which gets things across the blood brain barrier The strategy is effective as centrophenoxine is much more effective at cleverifying people than DMAE at the same dose   

       similarly picamilon is niacin attached to GABA; a vitamin plus a neurotransmitter that ordinarily does not travel through the blood brain barrier; a perception is partially that the niacin gets the GABA to the brain causing calmness   

       generally to pass the blood brain barrier compounds have to be tiny, rare, or hydrophobic thus making a compound that stays on the body side goes with high AMU plus OH groups   

       a nifty thing when people study how pharmaceuticals work is to use a fluorophore drug linkage to show where the drug attaches to tissue fluorophores that light up are attached with a hydrocarbon linker that separates the glow part from the active part such that the active part still functions as a drug   

       Thus a drug attached to a linker attached to a big hydrophilic molecule is likely to still have function but just stay at the body area   

       The idea here is to attach drugs that cause the pleasure of sunbasking or massage to a molecule that will keep them on the body side A super beauty drug might be estrogen attached via linker to PEA The effect would be to cause curves while reducing mass kind of a Jessica Rabbit pill   

       Keeping the estrogen at the body also minimizes potential PMS feelings
beanangel, May 31 2009

       What is AMU? (Apart from Atomic Mass Unit)?   

       I'm not sure, but I think the idea is the last sentence - yes? Well, yes, why not? Personally, I'd be happy if I just had endorphins, but I seem to be missing the gene.   

       Not a bad idea if I understand it correctly, but I'm boning it because you made me work too hard to figure out what you were talking about.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 31 2009

       on the video version it says   

       If everyone on earth had cheap food perhaps from putting a carboxyl COOH group on hydrocarbons from coal to make artifical food oil Then as many as 2/3 of 7 billion people could face plumpness   

       Even with current levels of calorie availability The W H O says plumpness is currently forecast as the earths leading cause of disease creating enough heart disease n diabetes to make malaria look puny and weak!!!
beanangel, May 31 2009

       The biological system being as complex and varied as it is, what side effects do you foresee with your hydrocarbon linker attachment molecule having a large number of AMUs ?
wjt, May 31 2009

       howabout very pleasant sensations with not eating pill? or a very unpleasant sensations with eating pill?
sninctown, May 31 2009

       Actually, the title makes me think of a tasty textured high fibre cookie. Mmmm, where's the biscuit tin.
wjt, Jun 01 2009

       I think that if you were to use more punctuation then you would be able to convey ideas in a more meaningful way because when you type in runons and forget to put in punctuation then it becomes more difficult to understand   

       also please ditch the thesaurus and try to use normal words... "eschew obfuscation."
CaptainClapper, Aug 26 2009


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