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Usernames Reunited

Reunite with long lost internet friends
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Internet messageboards and communities are becoming increasingly popular and many people make good friends at these places. A messageboard regular's circumstance however may cause them to break away from the community: perhaps they found a new job, graduated college, moved country, got kicked out of home, whatever.

Usernames Reunited is basically a rip off of the Friends Reunited model, except schools / places of work etc are replaced with a database of messageboards and internet communities past and present (the database can be added to in case your chosen community isn't there).

In say five or ten years time, I predict that there will be a great urge among people to get in touch with old internet pals and tell them all about where they are in life.

Ape, Oct 08 2006


       You could start with all the poeple here who haven't posted anything in ages - BigThor, Rayfo, waugsqueke, etc.
DrCurry, Oct 08 2006


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