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Weeble Suction Cups

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Those of us who either live with or are girls will find that the flat areas around the bath are cluttered with a vertiable mangrove of shampoos, conditioners, shower gels (both moisturising and astringent), shave foam cans, exfoliating scrubs, bath bombs and candles. Picking one's desired choice of from this closely packed array of plastic and glass containers - especially with wet and slippery digits- can easily result in one, more or all of the containers slipping with one morning-ruining unstoppable domino-effect tumble into the tub.

So, bring happiness with a selection of Weeble Bathroom Suction Cups, available in a range of colours and sizes, these rubber hemispheres can, on the planar "top", accomodate via suction cup the base of almost any toiletry container (including Matey). Simply push your container into place and the rounded, weighted base will keep the bottle in the right place, no matter how clumsy your morning fingers.

calum, Jun 06 2005

Leg Evahs Leg_20Evahs
by wagster. The inspiration. Weeble Suction Cups also prevent bathtop rutht ring. [calum, Jun 06 2005]

Mosh-Buddy Pogo-Weeble Mosh-Buddy_20Pogo-Weeble
by Guy Fox. Could also be used for ablutive cavortings. [calum, Jun 06 2005]

(?) Matey! http://www.matey.co.uk/range.htm
[calum, Jun 06 2005]

The cutest child on Salachairs page http://news.bbc.co....71_snowdrops220.jpg
//He already does all of that (bar the smoking), [Dr Bob], and I sure as heck ain't moving out anytime soon. // this is the frase that confused Zeno [Susan, Jun 07 2005]

DrBob, yesterday http://www.bbc.co.u.../elvis_costello.jpg
"Don't fancy yours much." [calum, Jun 08 2005]

(?) Weebles http://www.hasbro.com/playskool/weebles/
'Weebles wobble, but they don't fall down.' [DrBob, Jun 12 2005]


       have you ever tried pulling one of those suction caps off an enamel/tile surface when it really doesn't want to budge? and then when you least expect it, it releases along the lines of excalibur from the stone with a powerful kick back. sorry, this could all end in tears.
po, Jun 06 2005

       But but but the suction cups aren't attached to the bath, they're attached to the container. It's the rounded weebly bit that touches the bathtop, allowing the bather to lift at will the bottle they need, weeble and all.
calum, Jun 06 2005

       //Those of us who either live with or are girls //

Well that's your problem right there guv. Female infestation. You need to stop cleaning the house. Be sure to leave your plates unwashed by the side of the sink, stop vacuuming the carpet and make sure to leave all your beard trimmings in the sink. Take up smoking too. That should soon see them off.
DrBob, Jun 06 2005

       I sometimes clean the bath properly. This involves sweeping all the female (and to a lesser extent the male) bath attributes off the ledge and into the bath in one fluid motion, which gives me access to the ledge surface. This would be hilarious with a plethora of weeble enhanced containers.
wagster, Jun 06 2005

       He already does all of that (bar the smoking), [Dr Bob], and I sure as heck ain't moving out anytime soon.   

       Shame on you!
salachair, Jun 06 2005

       An alternative solution might be to employ a strategy of multiple redundancy exclusion. Much as [wagster] suggests, simply put all that useless crap in the bin.   

       Also, how much weight would you need to provide a full bottle of shampoo with up-righted-ness? If I didn't have pressing work (ha!?) to do I'd do some back of envelope maths - I'm sure that the weight would be significant to do extra damage when you drop the slippery, soap covered bottle onto your big toe.   

       After moments thought... you wouldn't need much extra weight, would you?
Jinbish, Jun 06 2005

       I don't know. You're talking maths and maths is outside my jurisdiction.
calum, Jun 06 2005

       Outside mine too - but us engineers can't help but have a guess. I reckon the shape and circumference of the semi-sphere will determine the levering action more so than the weight.
Jinbish, Jun 06 2005

       This is [zeno] and [Susan] <leave me out of it ya oppressive sod> (Yes dear, oppressive has 2 p's) annotating together < yeah me typing and him instructing> (as it should be) <any of yous still following this?>. Your daughter, [DrBob] and [Salachair] is <really, really> lovely. By a strange coincedenencce..<what do you mean its not spelled like that?!> we have a little daughter ours elves <well thats not much coincidennece is it, it is a change of one in two> (sp: chance) . She's only a little baby but there is definitely (no, not two ff's dear) a resemblance. Now we forgot <we?> what this idea is about so sorry and buy (bun. Bun. BUN!!).
zeno, Jun 06 2005

       Ah, now I remember or should I say, scrolled up, and its pretty good. Bun well deserved, [Calum]
zeno, Jun 06 2005

       [salachair] and [DrBob], you have a daughter between you?   

       Now I'm confused.
david_scothern, Jun 06 2005

       Well I hadn't had a baby with [DrBob] the last time I checked, but since I have always imagined the good Doc as resembling Elvis Costello and being extremely cool in a curmudgeonly but twinkly sort of way, I am quite tickled by the idea!
salachair, Jun 07 2005

       Eh? What daughter? I know my memory's on the blink a bit but I'm sure that I'd remember starting a family. Especially with the lovely salachair.

Blimey, I can be a bit of a smoothy when I put my mind to it, can't I! Perhaps there's an Elvis Costello inside me just trying to get out. There's certainly plenty of room for one.

[goes off to read up on baby names]
DrBob, Jun 07 2005

       I've always favoured Donald as a child's name, my dearest DrB. It's a good, sturdy, no-nonsense name. And if it's a girl? Donaldina, of course.   

       PS: you might not remember starting a family with me on account of all that real ale which I imagine you drinking as you sit in the pub looking all musical.
salachair, Jun 07 2005

       Well, [salachair] personally I find Denice to be my favorite name if the child is a girl.   

       And if it's a boy? Why, Denephew, of course!
Eugene, Jun 08 2005

       It's only on the halfbakery that a man can discover that his sister is his mother and his father is an Elvis Costello lookalike from Lewes.
calum, Jun 08 2005

<DarthBob> ** Search your feelings, son. You know it to be true! **
Jinbish, Jun 08 2005

calum, Jun 08 2005

       Donald is a good name but I fear the temptation for me to break into regular bursts of 'Donald Where's Your Trousers' might cause the poor mite to develop an inferiority complex. How about James?

Donaldina is right out! Donna is OK though.

Tragically salachair, I may look musical but there isn't a musical bone in my body. I'm more of a poet, me, but, and I know you'll all be terribly suprised by this, I am partial to a decent drop of ale. I'm sure I'd remember you though, even through an alcoholic haze.

My family does seem to be expanding at a rather alarming rate. Yesterday I gained a daughter and today I've gained a son. I wish somebody had warned me that you could breed over the internet. I would have taken precautions.
DrBob, Jun 08 2005

       Yes, and most worrying all is that your son is 26 years of age.   

       James is a no-no (just think of all the 'see you, Jimmy?' hassle he'd get). What about Hector?   

       I think we did a pretty good job picking the name [calum], myself, though the Registrar did seem a little bemused by the square brackets.
salachair, Jun 08 2005

       This is too weird.
calum, Jun 08 2005

       Weird, but fun, bro... I mean son!
salachair, Jun 08 2005

       Giving birth to a fully formed 26 year old must have been a bit painful. Mind you, not as painful as having to live with him.

Hector always brings to mind the bizarre Hector's House love triangle. I couldn't take anyone called Hector very seriously. Perhaps we should just call all our children calum.
DrBob, Jun 09 2005

       [calum] - looks like your idea spawned a lot more than annotations...
wagster, Jun 09 2005

       I think it is a fine idea. I think there would need to be considerable weight in the base of each Weeble, but you could use shaped gold ingots for this. I like the idea of the array of products swaying and weebling as the shower spray hit them. Like the tallgrass prairie in a thunderstorm. Also, I love Weebles.   

       The other thing: maths. In the US we do math. I fear we have not been doing enough. Do you UK folks ever just do one math? Can one suffice if it turns out the first time?
bungston, Jun 13 2005


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