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To help getting out of plastic seating
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They're underwear with a small plastic tube which runs from the gusset to the middle of the top at back. A tap prevents any unwanted gas escaping in normal use.

Scenario: I was stuck fast. It was hot. I'd eaten and drank a little more than I should have, and I'd sat in a plastic seat - but one designed thoughtlessly, without an air escape hole in the back.

In sitting down, I'd squeezed out the air on the seat, and was now forming a perfect seal with the seat:- As I lent forward to get up, the vacuum meant that the seat followed me.

Good job I wore Vacupants. Turning the tap whilst appearing to adjusting my belt, I'd normalised the pressure, and the vacuum was broken. I got up, and sauntered over to the canapes

(Available with extension tube which doubles as a dog lead. Remove the tap, insert the extender.)

Dub, Oct 27 2006


       Ha! anti gonflable.Thanks for the hoot <sniggers>
skinflaps, Oct 27 2006

       /and sauntered over to the canapés/...leaving behind an incredible cloud of fart. Hmm. Or is the gas compressed air, stored in a pressure tank? Please clarify, because otherwise it's seeming like an idea with major disadvantages.
david_scothern, Oct 27 2006

       "Vacupants" sounds like a word meaning people who no longer live there. (e.g. "the mail was never picked up, because it was addressed to the vacupants")
phundug, Oct 27 2006

       [david] No fart - Well possibly a "Pffffff" sound, as the tap's released - The pipe simply breaks the vacuum caused by sitting in a bucket-seat, where the air that was present has been dispersed by sitting down (it's escaped out the side/back, before you buttocks formed a tight seal with the chair). The pipe equalizes the pressure difference between atmospheric and the sat-in vacuum.
Dub, Oct 27 2006

       Thank goodness for that. [+]
david_scothern, Oct 28 2006

       Kinda like a cold, only hotter, I'd guess.
david_scothern, Oct 28 2006

       [UnaBubba] Ah! Ta (po explained it to me! Duh!)
Dub, Oct 29 2006

       I find po is aways good at explaining UnaBubba. I just wish she'd explain bungston to me some time.   

       Dub, why would you need a tube to walk your dog? Is it hairless and has problems with plastic seating?
Canuck, Oct 30 2006


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