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Water Wear

Padding where it needs to be
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Plastic underwear with stretchy pockets all over. You can fill select pockets up with water in whichever pockets you please. Say ghetto booties are in style where you are. Fill up the back pockets as much as you desire to give your bum a boost!

Same concept for bras.. if they aren't perfectly matched, simply fill one cup up with the desired amount of water to get the perfect rack! Now even girls who are large breast-challenged can have that D-cup look.

It would save costs on most butt implants as well as breast implants. Why spend all that money when the perfect body is as cheap as tap-water and plastic underwear?

flamingcrackmonkey, Oct 28 2003


       Now can you come up with dehydration wear?
k_sra, Oct 28 2003


       I guess that could be really tight, heated clothing that not only makes you sweat profusely but it also squeezes the pee right out of you. Just don't drink anything for the full effect though except maybe Hollywood 48 hour diet.
flamingcrackmonkey, Oct 28 2003

       now dat a jiggly booty
ricedo, Jan 09 2004

       Imagine if a pocket burst when you sat down.
bonsai_rainbow, Aug 30 2004


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