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Van De Graaf Wig

For that electric look
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A wig with a connection to a high voltage generator concealed in one's clothing. In order to avoid dangerous currents, the connection to the wig is by a high resistance carbon core flexible cable. The wig itself is made of a conductive inner layer, which doubles as an AFDB, making the wearer immune to the great gobs of waves permeating our ether, and a resistive outer layer which carries the actual hair.

The repulsive force of like charges forces the individual strands of hair to radiate outwards. This gives the wearer the characteristic electric look. Should someone come near, the individual hairs will bend down and lovingly caress the face of the friend. The high resistance of the outer layers prevent shocks, should someone touch the wig directly.

neelandan, Mar 23 2005

Gustmatic Midgewig The_20Gustmatic_20Midgewig
though hair-raising here is a side effect. [calum, Mar 23 2005]

Youtube video http://www.youtube....watch?v=Lk66YZUYSOg
Slightly relevant. [neelandan, Jun 04 2010]


       Would there be a pubic version available? Cuz if so, color me impressed.
AfroAssault, Mar 23 2005

       Half-bakery. Home of "high voltage generators concealed in one's clothing."
Soterios, Mar 23 2005

       more like Halfbakery: Home of ninjas who are concealing high-powered custard generators upon their persona.
froglet, Mar 23 2005

       Halfbakery: Home of mimes throwing curtard at ninjas who are rollingtumbleweeds at them, all while pirates are throwing sphericons at both mimes and ninjas.
DesertFox, Mar 23 2005


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