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Vegan Hair

Let your devotion show.
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It is not easy being a vegan. But the worst thing is that no-one knows you are a vegan unless they offer you food. Vegans need some way to demonstrate their veganness to the world.

I propose the vegans take a page from the Hasadim playbook. They have had 5000 years of practice demonstrating their beleifs to casual onlookers. One look and everyone knows these guys follow a special diet. But the vegans might not want to go whole hog as regards suits, beards, hats etc, especially since some vegans are ladies and would have difficulty with that.

I propose that the vegans adopt the ringlet. Hasadim ringlets are very distinctive and would go well for men or women. Vegans could spot each other in crowds and share vegan diet tips and life practices. No-one would offer them leather goods or beef jerky. Everyone would be happier.

bungston, Sep 23 2009

What about a t-shirt? http://www.cafepress.com/esangha/214158
[DrWorm, Sep 23 2009]


       so you're saying there's no bald vegans ?
FlyingToaster, Sep 24 2009

       //alfalfa male// oh I hope I remember that one :D
FlyingToaster, Sep 24 2009

       But isn't hair made of animal protein?   

       " no-one knows you are a vegan unless they offer you food ".   

       I'm as veggie-friendly as the next guy, having spent three years being hardcore veggie in my earlier youth.   

       But I dare say that while vegan in their twenties look young and fit, vegans a couple of decades on down the road are readily recognizeable by stature and stamina.   

       Granted, I'm prejudiced.   

       A good friend of mine is going down the dementia road, and I suspect that the absence of any animal proteins to his brain for the last forty years is part of the problem. Amino acids are important.   

       ( [normzone] ducks and covers preparing for the attack ).
normzone, Sep 24 2009

       Pasty skin and vacuous stare aren't enough?
phoenix, Sep 24 2009

       There are good and bad vegan diets, just as there are good and bad omnivorous diets. Requirements for the likes of cystine and methionine were estimated with rodents, which are often hairy, so it's been overestimated. Similarly, the need for protein-combining isn't so urgent as it seems because the digestive enzymes themselves contain a wide variety of amino acids and so can be digested along with the other protein, though obviously over a long period of time it does need to be balanced for them to come from somewhere.

Concerning dementia, i did go some way towards that at one point and came to the following conclusions: some people absorb cyanocobalamin better than others, possibly due to gastritis or stomach ulcers as well as damage to the terminal ileum. Therefore, there are probably people who can't be vegan and healthy and i may be one of them.

The other thing is the fatty acid issue. I think this does make a difference to brain activity besides the neurological changes resulting from demyelination per se.

As to the idea itself, i think veganism is generally a good thing, though not in all climes, but i also think it needs to be extended to a general ethic of compassion which takes account of the fact that for most of us, other humans are the animals with whom we have the most contact and therefore the best opportunities to treat well. When people proclaim themselves to be vegan, i wonder if they're focussing more on that label than on the general value of compassion. Best to be vegan quietly, almost as if it's assumed that you will be unless you have a good reason not to be. Such reasons do exist, even if your aim is to minimise the suffering or killing of other species.
nineteenthly, Sep 24 2009

       Not keen on uniforms of any kind unless they are necessary to do your job. And not even then, mostly.

If you have to have a group hairstyle though, bung, I'd eschew ringlets which, as you say, are already in use, in favour of lovelocks which are much cooler.
DrBob, Sep 24 2009

       What about an "H" on top for the helicopters to land?
nineteenthly, Sep 24 2009

       // bright green flat-top //   

       And arrestor cables ? And a steam catapult ?
8th of 7, Sep 24 2009

       The only vegan body part I know of is the wooden leg
caspian, Sep 27 2009


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