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Van de Graaff + Aquanet = party

for punks...
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Small vandegraaf generators marketed to punks and young kids of all ages, and sold with aquanet. just flip on the generator, lay your hands upon the shiny dome, and have a friend douse you with aquanet. Instant punk hair.
bleh, Jul 16 2006

Aquanet http://www.aquanet.com/
The Aquatic Network is an information service for the aquatic world...? [wagster, Jul 17 2006]

Aquanet http://www.aquanet.co.za/
The Pool Safety Specialists for complete peace of mind...? [wagster, Jul 17 2006]

Aquanet http://www.aqua.net.nz/
Again... what? [wagster, Jul 17 2006]

similar Van_20de_20Graaf_20Haircutting_20Aid
[xandram, Jul 17 2006]

Aquanet http://www.dollarit...ductid.asp?ID=42594
Cheap Hairspray from the '80s [bleh, Jul 17 2006]


       Stick it on a belt and keep your hair like that for the whole night. Plus you could shock everyone you meet.
vaccumac, Jul 16 2006

       it occured to me, makes for interesting mosh pits.
bleh, Jul 16 2006

       There was a similar idea on bakery about a month ago. Had a quick look but couldn't find.
xenzag, Jul 17 2006

       I remember that one too - but likewise couldn't find it.
fridge duck, Jul 17 2006

       do you really not know what aquanet is [wag]?
bleh, Jul 17 2006

       No. Am I uncool?
wagster, Jul 17 2006

       If this one is reduntant too, someone please speak up and i'll delete accordingly.
bleh, Jul 17 2006

       [wag], clearly. Aquanet is the cheap gigantic can of hairspray used by punks and old ladies to fumigate entire rooms. used in whole can quantities only. see link
bleh, Jul 17 2006

       [wags] You are very cool! One need not know what Aquanet is, actually, quite the contrary!(It is just a brand name of hairspray)
xandram, Jul 17 2006

       Phew! Thanks [xandram], I thought it was slipping there for a minute. Now I understand this I'll bun it.
wagster, Jul 17 2006

       Isn't Aquanet flammable? I would think one might get more violent reactions from the VdG sparks interacting with the flames created...   

       Also Aquanet spray, heading toward charged (I did write charred!) hair strands, will get similarly charged, as well, repelling. Could be quite a mess!
csea, Jul 17 2006

       i use aquanet as propellent for a potato cannon. say two seconds of spray can fire a good sized potato about a thousand feet. it seems as if you're going to be using this stuff with a machine that is often used to create sparks, you should be wearing a wig over a nomex hat.
tcarson, Jul 17 2006


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