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What's Back There?

Mirrors for inside kitchen cabinet doors.
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I'm not too tall and I'm not too short unless I'm trying to see what's in the back of kitchen cupboards.

I'm too short to see what's in the back of upper cabinets and too tall to bend over easily to see what's at the rear of lower shelves.

Enter the reversible adhesive kitchen cabinet mirror ... a "spring loaded" mirror, hinged along one edge, that adheres to the inside of a kitchen cabinet door. The mirror would be mounted on upper cabinet doors with the hinge on the bottom so that when the door is opened, the spring loaded mirror angles slightly down (towards my upward turned face) so that I can see the reflection of what's in the back of the cabinet. The opposite mounting instructions apply for low cabinets, the spring would be on the top, so when the door opens, the mirror angles up ... as I peer into it and the resulting reflection of the lowest and most difficult to see contents of my cabinets. Obviously, the mirror and/or spring assembly would have to be adjustable so when opened the reflection would not just be one's own mug, but the mugs in the back as well!

Those every decade kitchen cleanings no longer need to provide back of cabinet surprises.

Arcana, Dec 23 2007


       You do know it's bad form to bun your own ideas? However, a [+] from me for persistence.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 23 2007

       //You do know it's bad form to bun your own ideas? ..//says who?
po, Dec 24 2007

MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 24 2007

       don't fink so!
po, Dec 24 2007

       //Bad form// - not necessarily. Some don't like it, some don't care, some encourage it. Personally, because of the stigma of the +1, I wait 'til somebody else puts on the first bun, then add my own to skip over the single mark. Later, I can retract it.   

       I like the idea, because the wifey consistently requests an inventory scan of the high cupboards when I have my hands full of something else.
lurch, Dec 24 2007

       My disappointment at this unexpected turn of events can only be dulled (though not completely alleviated) by another glass.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 24 2007

       of absinthe?
po, Dec 24 2007

       If "bunning" my own ideas means voting for (or against) them, than I'm an innocent man. If it means trying many ideas on your first day of having an account, than, as O.J. is my witness, I'm absolutely 100% guilty.
Arcana, Dec 24 2007

       Could someone explain to me what it means to "bun" my own idea? I'm guessing it doesn't mean voting for my idea, and I'm guessing it doesn't mean . . . . Well, I just have no clue.
Arcana, Dec 24 2007

       By the way, [Arcana], don't leave your hat lying around.... one of the HB residents has peculiar toilet habits. We've tried all sorts of remedial therapy but, well, [UB] is basically just an unreconstructed recidivist.   

       [+] for the idea, too.
8th of 7, Dec 24 2007

       I'm rarely *cranky*. the discussion about voting for your own ideas has been held many times before and the general consensus is that most people vote for their own ideas. <sticks tongue out at [unabubs]>   

       +1 for the idea although I think its been posted before.
po, Dec 24 2007

       //I'm an innocent man.//   

       Ooops. Arcana, please accept my apologies, and this spare half-glass of absinthe. I had jumped to a conclusion and landed on my arse. Profuse apologies. This kind of thing is the main argument for not having the death penalty.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 24 2007

       Take no notice, Arcana. I respectfully refer you to the concluding sentence of UB's earlier annotation.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 24 2007


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