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Chase viruses and learn your computers structure.
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Virus would be a 3d game in which you run around with a gun and try to kill/delete viruses- more or less like any other action game. The difference would be that the map would be modeled on your computers files and if you went into a program it would open that program in the game. For example if you started on c:/windows you could then run into another folder eg. C:/windows/paint and then open paint and shoot the virus. To make the game easier or harder you just delete some folders or move them onto another drive. The virus would not be a real virus, just a computer character to try and find- It might also be able to block shortcuts or pathwas forcing you to find another way in.This game would help you remember where you stored your games or other files on your PC.

Multiplayer would also be intresting as you could explore somone else's computer.

Fireraven, Sep 22 2001

(?) Virus the Game review. http://www.gamesdom...pc/dec97/virus.html
"It’s an interesting twist on the genre and it’s original, but hey, that really does not help when the game plays like a wet fish. It does not look the part either. Treat this game as it really was a virus: Avoid it. " [StarChaser, Sep 22 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Baked. It is a game, pretty much exactly like you describe. Kind of like Descent, 3-D tunnels sort of thing, but you're playing in your HD. If you go into a file, say a BMP, you see corrupted versions of that BMP on the walls, if you're in a sound file, you hear snatches of the sound, etc.   

       I bought it because it sounded like an incredibly cool idea...It was, but the implementation stunk.
StarChaser, Sep 23 2001


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