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Virtual Violent Crime

A computer "game" that simulates various crimes with great detail.
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A maniac may dream of catching some poor sod and doing X to him, where X is something extremely grotesque and possibly fatal. Consider a "game" where the player may commit a violent crime, where the physics and biophysics are simulated in great detail, unlike any of today's game-monsters, with their "axe-carved" appearance and primitive response to the "damage" inflicted by the player. Modern CPUs could allow the rendering of 3D "victim" models with very high polygon counts. The player would be offered a selection of scenarios, victims, and implements. There may or may not be a "challenge" (an element of the game that interferes with the player's quest to have his way with the virtual prey.) Again, the emphasis on detail and realism is important. The bloodiest of currently-existing games do not contain realistic violent crime by any definition. Now, why create this seemingly evil thing? To redirect the attention of persons otherwise inclined to bring their fantasies of mayhem to physical life.
dsm, Feb 16 2001


       your reasoning is, to be polite, half-baked. now about your idea: fully baked. not satiated by the pointless gore of today, apparently you'd prefer very very well done.
gnormal, Feb 16 2001

       I remember reading a story about such a game, which concluded with the player leaving the arcade to "get lots of practice."
nick_n_uit, Feb 17 2001

       <notserious>Make such games explode (in the real world). Less violent criminals.</notserious> I'm not really a violent person, so such things would have no use for me.
badoingdoing, Feb 18 2001

       "To redirect the attention of persons otherwise inclined to bring their fantasies of mayhem to physical life."   

       As your game may well do this, it will also kindle these fantisies in people who would otherwise not have them.
blahginger, Feb 19 2001

       Its called Grand Theft Auto.
DesertFox, May 04 2004


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