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Wagtail Cocktail Bar

Dogs deliver the drinks.
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Dogs are trained to go to the table that has lights sparkling around the table edge. Could be balanced on their head with a cover so it won’t spill or for multiple drinks in a saddle type arrangement. See link
doctorremulac3, May 09 2024

I’d order more drinks if they were delivered like this. https://x.com/jakes...0eCaHpQqfML0XPEPHQA
[doctorremulac3, May 09 2024]

Wagtail: https://www.pintere...377880224998841419/
A small but very territorial bird [pertinax, May 11 2024]


       As the evening progresses and patrons get more and more inebriated and start crawling about on hands and knees, they could be saddled with drinks themselves and used as spare delivery dogs, giving the canine ones some respite.   

       If, in their drunken stuppr they crawl to the wrong table, they could be reprimanded by a sharp smack on the nose with a swizzle stick.
Edie, May 10 2024

       I'm pretty sure some variation of that would probably happen on a regular basis.   

       In fact I'd want to do that, ask the bartender if I could bring the drinks to my table the the dog head strap. Everybody would laugh only because they were all shitfaced.
doctorremulac3, May 10 2024

Voice, May 10 2024

       You'd have to be sure to train the dog NOT to sit down when arriving at the table... but I like this quite a lot. Gonna piss off labor unions and PETA at the same time, and that to me is worth all the buns in the bakery [++++++++++++++++]
21 Quest, May 11 2024


       Hey, occurs to me, in addition, you could also just have a bunch of friendly pooches mingling with the patrons.
doctorremulac3, May 11 2024


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